1. Managing Director

F E E B A C K  S Y S T E M

When change is introduced into a system and it is thrown into chaos, the system requires a feeback response to return it to an equilibrium. In many ways, the future we were promised never came, and what we knew has changed beyond recognition.  When such an imbalance is felt a feedback response system must initiate. DEEPSTATE sponsored organization RMFI is, in very real terms, a part of that response system. It has recognized an imbalance in the patterns of usage and lack of protection of public lands and has chosen to act. .

RMFI has chosen to act on this imbalance by completing local projects in watershed restoration, maintaining forest health, and the creation of sustainable outdoor recreational activities. These recreation activities include trail building and management, as well as educational programs for the kids aimed to build a deeper knowledge and investment into the environment.

RMFI is leading the response to the imbalance in our system by the committed protection and care of the public lands surrounding Colorado Springs. DEEPSTATE is honored to work alongside RMFI , and for more information on what they do please visit their website at rmfi.org.

we must find a different path.